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The company was established in 1983 by Einar Aaby, who had sailed on the world’s oceans for over 30 years.

Our customers are our best ambassadors, and we are extremely grateful for our customers, who choose Aaby Marine over and over again.

We are proud to present Windy and Nimbus, which are among Europe’s most recognized suppliers of sports cruisers between 25 and 52 feet.

Both Windy and Nimbus are built for those who value consistent quality, optimal sea characteristics, and practical and thoughtful solutions. The resale value is one of the best in the market, because the boats are so well made and therefore always attractive as used boats.

Since its inception in 1968, Nimbus has prioritized quality, sea characteristics, and elegance, leaving nothing to chance. Today’s models from Nimbus and Paragon clearly reflect the tradition and experience of boat building gathered over many decades.

Aaby Marine A/S welcomes everyone to our large exhibition hall in Asker throughout the year. From October 1 to May 1, we have most models on display. 

Welcome aboard!

When Windy was established in 1966, the first sports boats set a new standard for performance and craftsmanship.

We are still driven by the desire to create the best possible boats, and base ourselves on more than five decades of Scandinavian traditions for seafaring and uncompromising quality.

To put it simply, we build better boats because we are Windy, it’s in our DNA.

«Feel the difference» is the slogan. Nimbus has been building boats in Gothenburg since 1968, and the core values have always been safety in all kinds of weather.

This is achieved through the choice of high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and production methods.

Scandinavian design, with clean timeless lines, it’s easy to recognize a Nimbus.

With its Finnish heritage, Aquador is known for producing high-quality boats with outstanding performance and comfort, even under tough sea conditions.

Their boats are renowned for their elegance, and they offer a wide range of both day cruisers and larger yacht models.

Aquador’s commitment to craftsmanship and detail is evident in all aspects of their boat design.

Passionate about boats? Speak with one of our experts.